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General information

Comarca: El Condado.
Provincia: Alicante.
Partido judicial: Alcoy.
Juzgado Comarcal: Cocentaina.
Distancia de la capital de la provincia: 102 kms.
Población: 80 habitantes.
Superficie del término: 10 km.
Altitud: 680 m.

Municipality located in the Seta Valley, between the mountains of Alfaro and La Serrella. It limits to the north with Tollos, to the east with Castell de Castells, to the west with Facheca and to the south with Confrides and Beniardá.

The surface of the term is mountainous, being rugged to the north by the mountain range of Alfaro and to the south by La Serrella (1,323 m). The most important heights are: Serrella and the third order geodesic vertices of Carboneras (1096m) to the north and Les Mellaes (925m) to the south.

The ravines of Pouet and Olvis flow into the Seta River. The climate is continental, with cold winters, rains occur in autumn and spring and snowfall in January and February. The county road crosses from Gorga to Benichembla.

The cultivated area (data for the year 1982) occupies 40.8% of the total land, the uncultivated 55.2% and the unproductive 4%. The uncultivated area is occupied by pine forests and scrubland (rosemary, argilaga and sage).

The crops are mainly rainfed: almonds, olives and cereals. There is one hectare of irrigated land dedicated to own consumption.

The number of agricultural holdings is 73, of which 47 are smaller than 5 hectares. Almost all the lands are cultivated directly by their owners.

The population has decreased during the current century by 30%. The town is located on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Alfaro. The church is dedicated to San Cayetano and was built at the end of the 16th century, being rebuilt in 1912.

It was annexed by Facheca until 1953 when it was erected as an independent parish. The population is of Muslim origin. He was lordship of the Marquis of Guadalest and later of the Marquis of Ariza.

It celebrates its patronal celebrations to San Cayetano the 7 of August. The inhabitants of this municipality receive the name of ‘famorquins’.

Another nice town on the route of the Seta Valley and we recommend our readers to visit it and spend a day in the pure mountain air. You will like Famorca.